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CA: 0x5d82a5976E4Fe3fA55c8823AAF6F4ECd0E56239D

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Setting Up Trust Wallet on an Android Mobile Device

1. Download Trust Wallet from Google Play.

2. Then Install Trust Wallet and please remember your 14 seed keywords and keep safe.

3. Click on top right and keyin BUSD and select Binance-Peg BUSD BEP20.

4. Click on top right again and copy then paste the smart contract 0x5d82a5976E4Fe3fA55c8823AAF6F4ECd0E56239D of TVM$ and select Add custom Token.

5. Select Network BNB Smart Chain.

6. Paste the smart contract of TVM$ 0x5d82a5976E4Fe3fA55c8823AAF6F4ECd0E56239D and put in name Time Value of Money, Symbol TVM$ and Decimals 18.

7. Then on the main page, can see the TVM$ without any quantity.

8. Click on Binance-Peg BUSD BEP20 and click Buy.

9. Key in the value to buy BUSD then click next. Example : USD 150

10. Upon clicking NEXT, the page will load. Follow the steps to buy using VISA or Mastercard.


11. Trust wallet already have BUSD and click on Trust wallet Browser button.

12. Key in Pancakeswap on the search box.

13. Then click on token logo and pop up a search name. Then copy and paste the smart contract TVM$ into it.

14. Then add TVM$ .

15. Select BUSD to swap on TVM$. Slippage set 0.5%. Then trade it and will receive TVM$ on Trust Wallet.