1. Why is the TVM$ token valuable?

As the TVM$ token is native to the Global Invoice Exchange (GIX), it will be the sole token required to participate and use the GIX. The token is also listed on the DEX and is strong value as an early adopted token; as GIX matures and the token grows its value through utility and holdings, its value will grow strongly. In the immediate short-term, the TVM$ is valuable as it is an entry point to winning prizes, further tokens and crypto in our events, competitions and games during our AMA sessions.

  1. Where can we read more to get further details on TVM$?

Details are updated consistently through our Telegram, Twitter and Discord groups. This website is also progressively updated with developments as they happen. News channels and crypto portals also hold articles and stories of GIX and TVM$ - Fox, Digital Journal Finance etc.

  1. Has the TVM$ token been audited?

Yes - our audit by TECH RATE has resulted in a high-score of 95.

  1. What is the general roadmap of TVM$?

The focus and goal of TVM$ is to fuel the growth and facilitate the GIX.

There are 3 key milestones for TVM$ now:

i. Build a strong community that believes in the GIX and create value for them - staking, events, games and growth in the value of TVM$

ii. Grow investors: both private and long-term TVM$ holders

iii. Achieve listing on the CEX - to extend our current DEX reach in the market.

  1. How many SMEs are there in the world?

332 million in 2021.

6. What is GIX Platform?

The Global Invoice Exchange (GIX) is the world's 1st GIX platform in the world that brings much needed financing to global SMEs. The Global Invoice Exchange (GIX), a supply chain finance solution from SCFNet Inc, is the first DeFi platform in the world that offers liquidity providers an unique opportunity to help close the $1.7tn global trade finance gap by investing in a low-risk, high-return Real World Asset class in the form of validated receivable invoices.

Built on Web3 blockchain technology and powered by TVM$ (GIX native blockchain), GIX operates as a bridge between DeFi & TradeFi and brings benefits to all participants on the platform. The benefits to suppliers are unlock critical working capital, manage cash flow and liquidity and offer customers favorable payment terms. As to Buyers are to enjoy full or extended payment terms, earn additional interest to offset invoices, secure its supply chain. As to Liquidity Providers is to provide sophisticated and financially savvy crypto holders and this opens up the doors to a world of opportunities, in a previously inaccessible asset class.

8. What is TVM$ token?

TVM$ is a community driven token, build with Binance Smart Chain, fair launched Defi token and token for supply chain finance SCFNET Invoice Marketplace System. The technologies usage included ERP, BSC blockchain, NFT, DEFI Decentralized Finance, DEX Decentralized Exchange and


9. Where can I buy TVM$ token?

TVM$ token will be available on most major DEX exchanges. Below are some of the key DEX exchanges that can be used to purchase TVM$ token:

Pancake swap

Bakery swap

1inch exchange

BSC station

Flooz trade


You can also buy from Tokpie CEX Hongkong. Please click here.

10. Please explain the tokenomics of TVM$

TVM$ token is minted using Binance Smart Contract blockchain.

Total supply : 10,000,000 (10 million token)

DEX listed price: USD 0.10

Initial Market capitalization: USD 1,000,000

The total supply 10 mil TVM$ breakdown :-

15% Founder management team (1.5 mil units)

10% Advertising and marketing (1.0 mil units)

10% Development team (1.0 mil units)

65% Private and Public sales (6.5mil units)

Buy TVM$ - slippage 0% tax

Sell TVM$ - slippage 0% tax

11. Can you share your social media links and channels to keep tune with these projects?

Telegram: https://t.me/tvmcommunity

Email: contactus@gix.finance

12. Why can’t I find TVM$ logo on Trust Wallet and Pancakeswap?

A minimum of 5000 token holders are required before we are able to apply CMC post posting. We will get there soon.

13. Is your project only for English speaking countries or do you have any community for non-English-speaking users too?

We are looking to cover many languages as this is a global project. There will more languages added in future, same applies to the software.

14. How has the experience and background of your team been effective in the success of your project so far?

Our team consist of a strong team that covers extensive experience from groundwork to management in Information Technology, Software Development, Sales & Marketing and Crypto Investments. Full details of our management’s portfolio can be viewed at our website. With the combined force of the management individual, it drives the success factor of this project to a great extent effectively. To date, we have successfully listed our TVM$ token with a unique tokenomics on BSC, effective marketing on many areas is actively ongoing and the software system development is ongoing concurrently.

15. Why utility token TVM$ will be scarce in the future?

Global Supply Chain Finance currently is USD 1.7 trillion market turnover annually and TVM$ will be use for new NFT Global Invoice Exchange GIX platform.

TVM$ usage for

a) Utilities native token in GIX Platform

b) Defi staking

c) Lending business

d) Payment for suppliers, buyers, consumers and investors.

e) Remittance services

f) E-Commerce payment for products and services

g) TVM$ is a native token that can be traded with other local token like TVM$USD or TVM$AUD or TVM$SGD that peg to local fiat currencies.

TVM$ tokens only have 10 million units and no more minting in the future.

16. What is TVM$ smart contract address?


17. When I can start trade TVM$?

You can trade anytime on DEX exchange. Please join our telegram group https://t.me/tvmcommunity for more info.

18. Where can I download TVM$ Whitepaper?

You can download at here.

19. What is the summary description of TVM$ so i can tell my friends?

TVM$ is a utility BEP20 token native to the Global Invoice Exchange (GIX). TVM$ allows validated invoices to be purchased on the GIX platform globally and transparently.

Invoices are converted to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in whole or in parts, to be visible on GIX for liquidity providers (LP)to participate in bidding for the NFTs (invoices). These invoices are immediately paid when a successful bid is made; this significantly improves cashflow for the supplier that does not have to wait for the payment term to lapse (e.g 90 days).

TVM$ is pegged to native currencies of the invoice to ensure exchange risks are mitigated - e.g a USD invoice is paid for using TVMUSD. All transactions are managed by smart contracts on the blockchain for security.

TVM$ holders have the following options to make returns:

- invest in a real-world asset class on GIX for returns that outweigh most traditional financial products

- Staking

- Value growth of TVM$ as GIX matures on the CEX / DEX

20. What is your chinese name for TVM$ token?

Time Value of Money
时间价值货币 Shi Jian Jia Zhi Huo Bi


时价币 Shi Jia Bi

21. Other than DEX, where can i buy TVM$ thru CEX?
U can buy TVM$ at CEX Tokpie and can use Visa/Mastercard and Applepay to buy TVM$
Please click
here to buy from Tokpie and click here for buying TVM$ using Visa/Mastercard/Applepay .

22. Can you elaborate on TVM$ staking?

a. How can i stake in TVM$?
First, you need to buy TVM$ from Pancakeswap. Click
here. Then, you use PC Notebook and open metamask and connect to this staking page. Click on Staked and press + . Enter the quantity TVM$ to stake and click confirm at metamask.
(Currently for our website, we are using iframe code and only can use PC Notebook and metamask to stake)

b. I don't have a PC Notebook. Can i do the TVM$ staking ?
Yes, you still can do the staking by going to Freshcoins
page here using mobile Trust Wallet or Metamask and stake TVM$.

c. What is the duration for this farm?
It is 2 months farm starting Nov 14, 2022 and will be ended at Jan 12, 2023

d. Why the %APR changes?
It is normal for any farm to automatic change %APR based on total number of farmers and Total Value Locked TVL.
That why, it is advisable to stake earlier and start earning the TVM$ tokens based on daily.

e. Any penalty if i withdraw earlier?
Yes, there is a penalty of 25% on rewards if withdraw below 30 days.

f. What is the claim reward fees?
A claim reward fees of 1.5% will be charged by staking provider Freshcoins.

g. Is there an minimum to stake TVM$?
There is no minimum.
Any amount can stake.

How to claim and withdraw from staking?
Once click on claim, the TVM$ token will be at the metamask.
To withdraw from staking, press the symbol - at staked and keyin the numbers of TVM$ to be withdraw.

23. Is TVM$ safe and legitimate?

TVM$ is a legitimate token that is native to a platform that is directly connected to a platform - Global Invoice Exchange.

The GIX deals with real and current assets in the form of validated invoices from business’ to minimise risk for our holders and all who are involved.

Security however needs to be managed on all levels for a safe and smooth experience.

Some suggested security actions:

a. Check that your addresses are accurate. Any mistakes will result in the loss of your assets.

b. Always check the authenticity of who you are speaking with on social media - cross-check with email communications, visit a physical office, check other social platforms for presence, validate actual email address (not alias).

c. Reference tokens / coins on reputable exchanges and media hubs.