Staking TVM$

FAQ for TVM$ staking

1. How can i stake in TVM$?
First, you need to buy TVM$ from Pancakeswap. Click
here. Then, you use PC Notebook and open metamask and connect to this staking page. Click on Staked and press + . Enter the quantity TVM$ to stake and click confirm at metamask.
(Currently for our website, we are using iframe code and only can use PC Notebook and metamask to stake)

2. I don't have a PC Notebook. Can i do the TVM$ staking ?
Yes, you still can do the staking by going to Freshcoins
page here using mobile Trust Wallet or Metamask and stake TVM$.

3. What is the duration for this farm?
It is 2 months farm starting Nov 14, 2022 and will be ended at Jan 12, 2023

4. Why the %APR changes?
It is normal for any farm to automatic change %APR based on total number of farmers and Total Value Locked TVL.
That why, it is advisable to stake earlier and start earning the TVM$ tokens based on daily.

5. Any penalty if i withdraw earlier?
Yes, there is a penalty of 25% on rewards if withdraw below 30 days.

6. What is the claim reward fees?
A claim reward fees of 1.5% will be charged by staking provider Freshcoins.

7. How to claim and withdraw from staking?
Once click on claim, the TVM$ token will be at the metamask.
To withdraw from staking, press the symbol - at staked and keyin the numbers of TVM$ to be withdraw.

This is 3rd party external link staking services provided by Freshcoins and staking holders beared the risk of access and staking. We are not responsible for any access breach, content, advertising, products, services or other inquires provided by Freshcoins. TVM$ and GIX platform shall not liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of its staking service. Farm deployed 14 Nov 2022.