TVM$ Token


Launching Date: 10th October 2022

TVM$ token was minted on the Binance Smart Chain.

Total Supply : 10,000,000  (10 million tokens)

DEX listing price: USD 0.10 

Market Capitalization: USD 1,000,000

The total supply 10 mil TVM$ breakdown :

15% Founder management team (1.5 mil units)

10% Advertising and marketing (1.0 mil units)

10% Development team (1.0 mil units)

65% Private and Public sales (6.5mil units)

Buy TVM$ - slippage 0% tax

Sell TVM$ - slippage 0% tax

Major Global DEX Trading Platforms

TVM$ traded on 8 major global DEX trading platforms included PancakeSwap, Dodo, Biswap, 1inch Exchange,, Sushi Swap, Burger Swap and BSC Station.
TVM$ Smart Contract :

Locked Liquidity Pool

Liquidity Locked 100% and safe for participants to buy TVM$.

Attached Mudra Certificate.

Proof of 100% liquidity locked: